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Vi har fått ett tackbrev!

Posted on: februari 10, 2012

För några dagar sen fick vi ett tackbrev från kooperativet Asobragri i Guatemala. De var mottagare av vår årliga julgåva 2011 som vi skrivit om tidigare och här ser ni ett utdrag av brevet:

”We honourably thank the company Löfbergs Lila  AB for their priceless moral and economic cooperation precisely in one of the most unfortunate and tragic events experienced by ASOBAGRI when on the 20th September 2011 a landslide of rocks and mud completely destroyed two warehouses for collecting coffee and an administrative office. Thanks to God, with the economic contribution made ​​by you today the rebuilding of the administrative offices of ASOBAGRI has become a reality. It has also allowed the continued operations of servicing our members and the collecting and exporting coffee for the harvest of 2012.

To know that we are not alone encourages us to move on and work hard to deliver a quality product. It also allows us to maintain the connection and relationship with the export markets for specialty coffee; helping to improve the lives of small producers and their families by earning higher incomes since these families mainly dependent on coffee.”

(från Baltazar Francisco Miguel, General Manager ASOBAGRI)

Läs mer här Julgåvan 2011.


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